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More detail in NGINX error logs · Dec 5, 21:38 by Shannon Wynter

Adding a new field to error logs in nginx based on a given header

StartSSL - Free certificate, not worth the time · Nov 27, 11:45 by Shannon Wynter

So today I discovered that Karen at StartSSL has a confused definition of “commercial in nature” and “financial transaction”

Bukkit/Minecraft Plugins · Apr 29, 08:37 by Shannon Wynter

Well, it’s been an awfully long time since I made a post, but in order to help those wandering Bukkit users that make their way here via Google looking for my Bukkit plugins (as Bukkit have removed links to my plugins from their forums because I refuse to change the way I run my website) I thought it might be time for a new post…

Meh, hard disk crash · Apr 6, 23:42 by Shannon Wynter

Sorry for the recent downtime, my 74 gig raptor drive died and while I have pretty recent backups I’ve had to recover some stuff through the use of google cache so forgive the out of order posts and missing bits (if I missed any)

A long awaited: Solar Updated · Nov 24, 11:38 by Shannon Wynter

Sorry it’s taken so long to update you all on my solar install.

The installers came back out and replaced my indoor in box inverter with an outdoor model and wired it up with two inputs.

Ventilating the inverter · Sep 1, 19:24 by Shannon Wynter

Stopped by Bunnings on the way home tonight and picked up a bunch of miscellaneous venting hardware

Some Solar Woes · Sep 1, 13:26 by Shannon Wynter

As with all new things, I guess glitches are to be expected…
A week after my install was completed here’s a list of glitches.

Solar Power · Aug 26, 10:24 by Shannon Wynter

I now have Solar Power (PV)

System Specifiactions

18×170 Watt Solar Monocrystalline Modules (arranged in two strings)
Aurora PVI 3600AU Inverter
Installation is on a almost flat (slightly curved east to west) roof.
Total System Power: 3060 watts

Solar - Day 1 · Aug 16, 21:00 by Shannon Wynter

Soooooooo it survived the 1st day – more or less

My Aurora PVA3600 AU suffered a fan failure – so next week it’s getting replaced. I’m told it should be perfectly safe, it’ll just reduce it’s workload to remain cool.

Node Usage 4 · Aug 29, 23:58 by Shannon Wynter

Updated node usage script for mIRC

Thoughts about the "ADSL Theoretical Speed Calculator" · Jul 29, 21:29 by Shannon Wynter

You know, a good 80% of the traffic to my website is directed at that page, yet almost none of my ad revenue comes from it…

Bitvise Tunnelier · Jul 9, 17:59 by Shannon Wynter

I’d like to take some time to introduce you to a cool free tool I found – Bitvise Tunnelier

Having just got my netbook setup and running (MSI Wind U100+ BTW), I wanted to provide a slightly more secure setup then just using my 3G provider – easiest way is a ssh tunnel to home with port forwarding

Go green for Iran · Jun 25, 19:47 by Shannon Wynter

Green has become the color of choice for the protesters in Iran, red is quickly becoming the color shed.

Cryptohash · Jun 19, 22:42 by Shannon Wynter

Cryptohash.net – Faster, leaner, meaner and now even smaller!

Twitpocalypse - The math! · Jun 14, 14:17 by Shannon Wynter

I’m sorry but I find it immensely amusing that someone could be lazy enough to just use a signed 32 bit integer in a twitter app.

Endurance LAN - How much can you endure? · Jun 9, 23:23 by Shannon Wynter

Don’t know how many people who hit this site are actually local, but I thought I’d plug a local lan.
Start: 3 July 2009 – 6:30pm
End: 4 July 2009 – 11:00pm
Cost: $40 for the Full event (includes pizza, subway, pizza), $20 for half (includes pizza).

Always fighting the Australian government · Jun 5, 18:57 by Shannon Wynter

First it was the complete and total incompetence of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, every single day I face the incompitence of the Department of Transport (and the government owned company Queensland Rail), now I face the incompetence and possible corruption of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship – Don’t get me started on the corruption of the Department of Child Services.

Damn search engines · Jun 5, 11:32 by Shannon Wynter

Someone please, feel free to tell me if I’m doing something wrong on my site that leads some engines to believe that they need to re-visit my site so damn frequently.

Seriously, in 5 days, just how many times do you need to index my site?

The fuss over Street View · May 14, 21:26 by Shannon Wynter

Can anyone tell me what the fuss over Street View in Greecel is all about?

How private can your privacy be if it can be seen from the street anyway?

More on twitter · May 13, 20:32 by Shannon Wynter

So… I’m still getting into this twitter thing – I never was much of one to be up on anything trendy – by the time I’m into it and up to speed I’m sure the trend will be over and I’ll still be wondering what the fuss was about.

So... Twitter... · May 6, 23:07 by Shannon Wynter

Been trying out the microblogging service – and a photo hosting/sharing service.

Sign the petition - Save the net · Dec 9, 11:40 by Shannon Wynter

The Federal Government is planning to force all Australian servers to filter internet traffic and block any material the Government deems ‘inappropriate’. Under the plan, the Government can add any ‘unwanted’ site to a secret blacklist.

Strange things happen · Sep 26, 00:31 by Shannon Wynter

Coincidence? Maybe, but I wouldn’t put money on it.

Working under the knife · Sep 23, 07:02 by Shannon Wynter

The long and sordid tail of working for a company undergoing administration.

Cryptohash · Aug 7, 22:37 by Shannon Wynter

I’ve put together a quick little site for you to play with.
Head on over to cryptohash.net and have a play with sha1, md5, and all their cryptic friends.

Show and tell (Beta) · Jun 6, 12:16 by Shannon Wynter

I thought I’d pop my youtube cherry and post a video to show a quick and brief overview of my webmail client.

Save Steve Irwin's Place · May 26, 21:15 by Shannon Wynter
Return of IPv6 · Mar 11, 08:13 by Shannon Wynter

IPv6 went away, it’s back now…

Whining about rent and mailpersons · Feb 25, 19:01 by Shannon Wynter

So I get home today to find that not only has the mailperson left my mail hanging out of the letter box to get drenched, but that my rent has gone up $15…

Linux Upgrades · Feb 16, 02:17 by Shannon Wynter

Upgrades and downtime – we’re all backup

The Do Not Trust list · Feb 3, 12:57 by Shannon Wynter

A list of companies/websites that can not be trusted with your E-Mail address. This list has been built from my own experience and the experiences of trusted friends.

Taxies · Nov 21, 07:19 by Shannon Wynter

You call your local cab company so you can catch the 6:21 am train, you place this call at 6:00 am. You figure that’ll give you plenty enough time for a cab to turn up and drive you the less then 1 km to the train.

Open letter to mail administrators · Nov 7, 07:28 by Shannon Wynter

Do you run a mail server?

Do you think you are helping humanity by having your mail server send out soft bounces?

Train travel · Oct 15, 12:52 by Shannon Wynter

Trains that timewarp to get me to work in Brisbane.

DiscStakka for Linux · Sep 25, 08:33 by Shannon Wynter

I’ve spent the last few nights working on making my DiscStakka run under Linux.

XP style network setup in Vista? · Sep 15, 17:25 by Shannon Wynter

The new Network and Sharing Center in Windows Vista is great for the average Windows user but can be a huge headache for advanced users.

Software Company Sues Australian Broadband Site · Sep 11, 23:58 by Shannon Wynter

A company called 2clix is suing the Australian Broadband and Dial Up website (www.whirlpool.net.au) for malicious comments posted inside its forums.

A slight change in style · Aug 7, 12:59 by Shannon Wynter

Some of you might have already spotted it, Most of you are probably here for other reasons, but I’ve added a new section to this site “Projects” which will contain the projects I’m currently working on – once the project is complete it’ll get moved to the appropri…

Shout out to Sabayon · Jul 26, 23:49 by Shannon Wynter

I found what appears to be an unexpected gem.

Mikrotik · Jul 19, 22:01 by Shannon Wynter

More bad news

Little Updates · Jul 6, 09:07 by Shannon Wynter

Lots of little changes…

Got my first Google cheque today · Jun 30, 09:10 by Shannon Wynter

I’m in the money!

Fremnet is now IPv6 enabled. · May 28, 14:42 by Shannon Wynter

Fremnet is now IPv6 enabled.

An interesting couple of months. · May 27, 16:51 by Shannon Wynter

Companies go broke, companies get bought, employees get shafted, ex-employees exploit new skills and knowledge.

New categories · May 16, 23:49 by Shannon Wynter

I know it’s been a little while since my last update, but here’s one for you – a whole new category!

Sad news. · Mar 24, 17:23 by Shannon Wynter

Server relocation…

New Colours, New Design. · Mar 1, 23:51 by Shannon Wynter

After a few late nights, and the odd spare moment here and there. I’m pleased to present you with the latest and greatest in Fremnet design and colour schemes.

Experimenting with MozEmbedded · Feb 22, 12:21 by Shannon Wynter

Introducing MozSnap and Preview.

Bindmaker released · Feb 9, 11:44 by Shannon Wynter

I’m not sure you can actually “release” an online tool, but I’ve released Bindmaker which is a tool to help you build a scrollable list of say binds for CS:S/DOD:S and similar.

Fresh install of MythTV · Jan 23, 22:18 by Shannon Wynter

A fresh install of MythTV to show off.

Fremnet has a new home · Jan 15, 02:08 by Shannon Wynter

Moving on up….

First Fremnet Service · Oct 25, 23:01 by Shannon Wynter

I’m pleased to announce the first ever public service offered on Fremnet.

Now mirroring · Oct 24, 00:35 by Shannon Wynter

Great news everyone! I’m being useful (c:

Interesting figures · Sep 19, 16:23 by Shannon Wynter

Statistics, DVD’s, Encryption, Porn, and Protection

Trouble with DVDs · Aug 16, 23:16 by Shannon Wynter

A new DVD drive, 2 days worth of hard work, and I’ve finished a 10 second job.

Bitchfest · Jul 7, 18:54 by Shannon Wynter

A new section – not for the faint at heart

It grows now & Promises fulfilled · Jun 1, 18:52 by Shannon Wynter

SSH patch uploaded, and some layout changes

Moving blues... · Apr 24, 16:14 by Shannon Wynter

I hate moving…

Now with .au tld · Apr 8, 12:28 by Shannon Wynter

Check us out at fremnet.net.au

Bugs and pesticide · Mar 16, 14:18 by Shannon Wynter

I came, I saw, I squished…

Welcome to a new look Fremnet · Mar 15, 00:06 by Shannon Wynter

A new look site, with a new engine, and better organisation (I hope)

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