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Taxies · Nov 21, 07:19 by Shannon Wynter

So, you’re bike has a flat tire, and you know this ahead of time.

You call your local cab company so you can catch the 6:21 am train, you place this call at 6:00 am. You figure that’ll give you plenty enough time for a cab to turn up and drive you the less then 1 km to the train.


Not only did they not turn up in time, when I rang them back at 6:21 to ask WTF?! They said another 5 minutes, I told them “Get bent, I’m not paying for a ride to catch a train that left 6 minutes ago” hung up and called the other company (Don’t know why I didn’t in the first place – new phone, they weren’t in the address book yet)

4 minutes 43 seconds after hanging up with the sheila from the second company, the taxi is at the end of the drive way – I reckon he could have done it in 4 minutes flat but he appeared to be new to the area and went the long way round my street.

The moral here – Only call a Yellow Cab on days that end in Y, and only call Black and White Cabs if you want an excuse to be late – this was not the first time that fact has been proven.


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