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FLV Duration · Jul 17, 14:29 by Shannon Wynter

After a little research on the FLV container format I found that I could calcu-guess the duration of the downloaded FLV file by reading the timestamp from the file – so I incorporated a timestamp check and retry system into my perl script.

Cryptohash · Aug 7, 22:37 by Shannon Wynter

I’ve put together a quick little site for you to play with.
Head on over to cryptohash.net and have a play with sha1, md5, and all their cryptic friends.

Virgin Broadband Usage Meter · Nov 20, 16:16 by Shannon Wynter

A usage meter for Virgin Broadband

ADSL Theoretical Speed Calculator · Nov 16, 17:50 by Shannon Wynter

Calculate the theoretical speed of your ADSL link based on the line attenuation.

Del.icio.us Proxy · Oct 25, 22:53 by Shannon Wynter

Del.icio.us bookmarklet that works with the del.icio.us API to allow you to bookmark across browsers with ease.

KeepAlive · Mar 14, 23:52 by Shannon Wynter

A simple tool that pings a host on the internet to keep your connection alive.

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