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KeepAlive · Mar 14, 23:52 by Shannon Wynter
Keepalive Screenshot

A while back a mate asked me if I knew of any way he could keep his connection online.

We couldn’t work out what the problem was, it seemed to be his router was crashing/locking up if left idle for to long.

After some experimentation we found that it was far less likely to do this if we did something as simple as ping a host on the internet.

After some toying around, I came up with KeepAlive a simple windows program that just does that, Keeps your router alive.

The default configuration will ping google once every every 5 minutes in an attempt to keep your connection alive.

I don’t guarentee this will work all the time (as I’m only sending very small packets) but it does seem to help.

Download: KeepAlive Installer (2.8MB)


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