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Articles under PHP
preg_magic · Mar 4, 10:19 by Shannon Wynter

A script/class to make processing data the little bit easier

Source Log Proxy · Nov 24, 21:34 by Shannon Wynter

Yesterday I got an enquiry from Sam Cleaver regarding my Source RCON Class

He wanted to know how he could get the logs from the server using my class. Unfortunatly the answer is that you can not.

ADSL Theoretical Speed Calculator · Nov 16, 17:50 by Shannon Wynter

Calculate the theoretical speed of your ADSL link based on the line attenuation.

Class: Base32 · Nov 8, 16:51 by Shannon Wynter

This class can be used to encode data in MIME Base32 encoding according to the RFC 3548 specification.

Base32 (spelled without a space) is an alternative to Base64

Del.icio.us Proxy · Oct 25, 22:53 by Shannon Wynter

Del.icio.us bookmarklet that works with the del.icio.us API to allow you to bookmark across browsers with ease.

Object Orientated LDAP for PHP4 · Jun 23, 10:49 by Shannon Wynter

Bringing procedural PHP LDAP calls to Object Orientated PHP code

Source RCON Class · Jun 14, 08:20 by Shannon Wynter

This class implements a TCP based client that acts as a remote console – RCON – class for sending commands to control game variables of Counter-String Source and other games using a Source Dedicated Server – SRCDS .

Verify Email Addresses · Mar 13, 21:02 by Shannon Wynter

Check and verify that the visiter hasn’t supplied a totaly bogus address.

Random Image · Mar 13, 20:42 by Shannon Wynter

I’m the man to see for random images…

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