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ADSL Theoretical Speed Calculator · Nov 16, 17:50 by Shannon Wynter

This is a direct port of RichardM’s invention from his post on whirlpool.

This script should be no better or worse then RichardM’s excel file. Feel free to use either, it just annoyed me that I had to boot to windows and load Excel (c:

Yes, I could have done this entirely in JS, but my PHP is better then my JS, maybe later if I find the time

Enter your Downstream attenuation (dB)
Cable Loss (dB/km) – Default 13.81
Attainable Rate (ADSL1) – kbit/s
Attainable Rate (ADSL2) – kbit/s
Distance to exchange (Meters)

Attainable rates are theoretical only!
Actual rates can vary significantly from these figures (usually by around 10% either way)

Please note: All calculations derived from the Internode DSL Distance Graph and the Whirlpool DSLAM speeds WIKI page

Version 1.1 based on version 1.4 of RichardM’s XLS file.


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