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A long awaited: Solar Updated · Nov 24, 11:38 by Shannon Wynter

Sorry it’s taken so long to update you all on my solar install.

The installers came back out and replaced my indoor in box inverter with an outdoor model and wired it up with two inputs.

Ventilating the inverter · Sep 1, 19:24 by Shannon Wynter

Stopped by Bunnings on the way home tonight and picked up a bunch of miscellaneous venting hardware

Some Solar Woes · Sep 1, 13:26 by Shannon Wynter

As with all new things, I guess glitches are to be expected…
A week after my install was completed here’s a list of glitches.

Solar Power · Aug 26, 10:24 by Shannon Wynter

I now have Solar Power (PV)

System Specifiactions

18×170 Watt Solar Monocrystalline Modules (arranged in two strings)
Aurora PVI 3600AU Inverter
Installation is on a almost flat (slightly curved east to west) roof.
Total System Power: 3060 watts

Solar - Day 1 · Aug 16, 21:00 by Shannon Wynter

Soooooooo it survived the 1st day – more or less

My Aurora PVA3600 AU suffered a fan failure – so next week it’s getting replaced. I’m told it should be perfectly safe, it’ll just reduce it’s workload to remain cool.

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