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Solar - Day 1 · Aug 16, 21:00 by Shannon Wynter

Soooooooo it survived the 1st day – more or less

My Aurora PVA3600 AU suffered a fan failure – so next week it’s getting replaced. I’m told it should be perfectly safe, it’ll just reduce it’s workload to remain cool.

On a partially overcast cool winters day I produced 4.6kwh of power.
And without being here I consumed 1.6kwh of power.

Over night I expect to consume another 2.5 kwh of power personally, + the hot water (around 4kwh)

The math on this at the moment works as (1.6 + 2.5) * 18.843 + 4 * 7.689 – 4.6 * 18.843 = 21.3345 cents paid for power today:D

Once I get my new meter installed the math will work a little differently it will be

2.5 * 18.843 + 4 * 7.689 – (4.6 – 1.6) * 52 = -78.1365 * -1 = 78.1365 cents paid to me for power based on today :D

And for those who doubt me – here’s a before and after meter shot that shows the difference of about 3kwh

Believe me, a little panic took hold when I first, second and third read those meters – it looked like I’d added 8 kwh to my bill instead of taking any off it – it wasn’t till I worked out that every second (from the right) dial counted anti-clockwise that I got excited


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