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Articles under Perl
MythTV DPMS Preview Disabler · Mar 26, 00:56 by Shannon Wynter

This simple script checks to see if DPMS has changed from the on state to any other state, then asks MythTV what it is doing. If MythTV says that it’s in Watch Recordings it tells MythTV to jump back to Main Menu.

Virgin Broadband - Usage meter in PERL · Nov 12, 19:56 by Shannon Wynter

While this isn’t a complete usage meter (as the title leads one to believe) it is a huge step in the right direction.

Source Log Proxy · Nov 24, 21:34 by Shannon Wynter

Yesterday I got an enquiry from Sam Cleaver regarding my Source RCON Class

He wanted to know how he could get the logs from the server using my class. Unfortunatly the answer is that you can not.

amarok.pl - amaroK script for X-Chat · Sep 22, 21:21 by Shannon Wynter

A script to announce your current song from amarok into X-Chat

DHS.org Auto-Update Script · Mar 13, 22:15 by Shannon Wynter

Automaticly keep your DHS 2nd level domain up to date (provided you cron the script)

Sinokorea IPTables Generator · Mar 13, 21:45 by Shannon Wynter

Are you as tired of chinese/korean spam as I am?

count-match-oid.pl · Mar 12, 22:26 by Shannon Wynter

So you run Cacti, you need to keep track of the number of X connected to Y…

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