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StartSSL - Free certificate, not worth the time · Nov 27, 11:45 by Shannon Wynter

So today I discovered that Karen at StartSSL has a confused definition of “commercial in nature” and “financial transaction”

Always fighting the Australian government · Jun 5, 18:57 by Shannon Wynter

First it was the complete and total incompetence of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, every single day I face the incompitence of the Department of Transport (and the government owned company Queensland Rail), now I face the incompetence and possible corruption of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship – Don’t get me started on the corruption of the Department of Child Services.

Working under the knife · Sep 23, 07:02 by Shannon Wynter

The long and sordid tail of working for a company undergoing administration.

Whining about rent and mailpersons · Feb 25, 19:01 by Shannon Wynter

So I get home today to find that not only has the mailperson left my mail hanging out of the letter box to get drenched, but that my rent has gone up $15…

Taxies · Nov 21, 07:19 by Shannon Wynter

You call your local cab company so you can catch the 6:21 am train, you place this call at 6:00 am. You figure that’ll give you plenty enough time for a cab to turn up and drive you the less then 1 km to the train.

Open letter to mail administrators · Nov 7, 07:28 by Shannon Wynter

Do you run a mail server?

Do you think you are helping humanity by having your mail server send out soft bounces?

Mikrotik · Jul 19, 22:01 by Shannon Wynter

More bad news

Business economy - Part 1 · Nov 20, 11:38 by Shannon Wynter

You might have guessed by now that I work for a company with some very strange practices considering that they’re a ‘carrier grade’ ISP.

Things I hate about web design · Oct 30, 20:08 by Shannon Wynter

The following in order of most hated is the list of things I hate about web design

The order of things - part 2 · Jul 7, 19:32 by Shannon Wynter

Second attempt at making my job a little easier…

The order of things · Jul 7, 19:05 by Shannon Wynter

First attempt at making my job a little easier…

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