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Mikrotik · Jul 19, 22:01 by Shannon Wynter

Greetings folks.

Seems the demise of my previous employer has claimed another friendship.

I’m hereby declaring Mikrotik useless.

They simply handed my account which I created on my own domain over to the new company without even considering my feelings or plans. I own keys in this account, and I had this account for quite some time before I let my previous employer use it.

I would have been more then happy to transfer the company keys/licenses out of my account into one of theirs if given the chance but no-one consulted me.

They just assumed that because the new owners of the old company had copies of the keys and invoices that they were the rightful owner of the WHOLE account. Well guess what – I have copies of the keys, the invoices, the original OEM agreement, the original OEM packages and I know how their keying works.

I also have the opportunity to move on and continue spreading their name to other companies and clients of my own (you better believe I have people ask me about this stuff) – the new owners will probably phase Mikrotik out at the first chance they get – any future sales will probably only be maintenance to get around CPU limitations of the wrap boards.

So more lessons to yah folks.

Always keep your accounts separate – if the company don’t want to get their own – tell them they can’t have yours.


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