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Whining about rent and mailpersons · Feb 25, 19:01 by Shannon Wynter

So I get home today to find that not only has the mailperson left my mail hanging out of the letter box to get drenched, but that my rent has gone up $15.

This increase in rent means that my rent has gone up 15.8% in the past 12 months. I don’t know what the inflation rate is but I’m sure as hell it isn’t 15% I would have noticed that.

I know the cost of maintaining the place hasn’t gone up 15% because apart from a new hotwater cylinder and tree and tree-roots in the sewerage there’s been no maintainence.

If it goes up to much more I’m going to re-evaluate the value of moving to Brisbane. The rent there is a bit more expensive (about $80 more so per week) but my transport costs per week drop from $80 to about $20, and the price of my internet per month drops from $89 to $49. I know that doesn’t quite balance out the rent difference per week, but then you take into account the 2.5 hrs per day, 5 days a week I spend on the train – the rent difference is now equalized.

I put it to my realestate – Are you going to risk loosing a good, reliable tenant?

I’m never late with the rent, and at worst the lawns get to be a little long before I get the chance to mow


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