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Things I hate about web design · Oct 30, 20:08 by Shannon Wynter

The following in order of most hated is the list of things I hate about web desi

  1. Internet Explorer
    1. Doesn’t support PNG (ok, so it does in IE7)
    2. No support for opacity (IE7?)
    3. No support for the ‘fixed’ css attribute
    4. Digest AUTH is done to Microsoft standards, not RFC.
    5. Renders some form elements as separate window items outside of Z-Index (Fixed in IE7)
    6. Being a constantly running component of Windows, it’s illusion of start up speed (Much like Konqueror in KDE)
    7. The order in which it executes javascript (see my Delicious Proxy)
  2. People
    1. They insist on using Internet Explorer, I don’t care if you use Firefox, Opera, or even Lynx – Just stop using Internet Explorer
    2. They blame usability faults on me, when they’re using Internet Explorer
    3. They blame functional issues on me, when they’re using Internet Explorer
  3. Flash
    1. It’s bright
    2. It’s distracting
    3. It’s always overused
    4. It’s NOT fully supported across cross platforms
    5. People embed sounds with it.
  4. Forms (Current implementation)
    1. They’re just so pathetically underpowered
  5. Security
    1. Sometimes it would be nice to be able to ‘AJAX’ to a remote server directly rather then via proxy.

I’m sure I’ll think of more.


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