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A long awaited: Solar Updated · Nov 24, 11:38 by Shannon Wynter

Sorry it’s taken so long to update you all on my solar install.

The installers came back out and replaced my indoor in box inverter with an outdoor model and wired it up with two inputs.

One of the first photos from my new camera - upskirt shot of ... on Twitpic

Sexy isn’t it?

While they were here they found a faulty connector on the roof, which was killing one string from my array, and fixed it.

The install isn’t as tidy as I would have liked, but it works now.

I’ve created and released my first cpan module Device::Inverter::Aurora and stopped using the C program (not that there was anything wrong with the C program, this just suits my application better)

And, I’ve created a Google AppEngine application to produce and display graphs (for laughs I also use html5’s canvas and lots of javascript) – http://arraywatch.appspot.com/ – I love how you can see the lensing effect the edges of clouds have as they pass over the roof

Since the new meter was installed at the beginning of October I have exported 547kWH to the grid and imported only 167 at night (approx 10.13kw/day export)

The array is working well, not perfectly – it could really use some tilt – but since it’s been fixed we’ve had fairly bleh weather so I really haven’t been able to see what it’s peak is yet.


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