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Some Solar Woes · Sep 1, 13:26 by Shannon Wynter

As with all new things, I guess glitches are to be expected…

A week after my install was completed here’s a list of glitches.

The inverter has a fan fail fault – so is going to be replaced
The two strings are connected in parallel to one input on the inverter (see next one)
The two inputs on the inverter haven’t been paralleled for use as above meaning there is the potential for overload
The total output for my system on a bright sunny day is awfully low
The box is a touch on the small side
I can will fix the last one, I’m going to cut some vents to match the vents on the inverter and fit with mesh and down pointed slats to keep out the rain.

I expect the others to be fixed when they come and replace the inverter, will let you know how that goes.

It is producing the minimum I expected as an annual average – which is the amount I estimated and budgeted on – so that’s not bad, but it’s not performing as well as it should.

And now, a picture of the array on my roof


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