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Cryptohash · Aug 7, 22:37 by Shannon Wynter

Greetings one and all.

I’ve put together a quick little site for you to play with.
I’m sure there are others out there, but I don’t frankly care either way.

I’m always looking to do a quick sha1 or a quick md5, but don’t always have to tools on hand (or I’m dealing with someone who doesn’t) so I decided to knock up a little website.

No-one is more shocked then me that I was able to score a sweet little domain like cryptohash.net, but there you go, I scored it :)

Head on over to cryptohash.net and have a play with sha1, md5, and all their cryptic friends.

I’m also looking at adding rainbow tables, and other nifty features later – but this will do for one afternoon’s work :)

Shortcut – If you want a specific hashing function (for example: sha1) you can actually go to http://[function].cryptohash.net and it’ll be ready and waiting for you (for example sha1.cryptohash.net)


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