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Cryptohash · Jun 19, 22:42 by Shannon Wynter


Just thought I’d let you know that I spent a couple of hours making cryptohash.net a little faster, a little meaner and a little smaller.

Through the use of APC (Advanced PHP Cache) it now caches the generated page and all the functions pulled from mcrypt. using the tightest of tight css files I’ve reduced the download, and shrinking 3 whole bytes off the images was also achieved.

I was also thoughtful enough to provide a notice for the 500 odd IE6 users that have visited this month – STOP USING IT!

All in all the improvements mean the average page downloads in less then 6 seconds on a 56k modem

So for all your SHA/MD5/etc/etc/etc needs, feel free to pop on over to “cryptohash.net“http://cryptohash.net


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