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A slight change in style · Aug 7, 12:59 by Shannon Wynter

Some of you might have already spotted it, Most of you are probably here for other reasons, but I’ve added a new section to this site “Projects” which will contain the projects I’m currently working on – once the project is complete it’ll get moved to the appropriate area (maybe grin)

I intend to use it as sort of a blog to keep everyone apprised as to what’s going on – it also helps the site look a little more busy.

First project off the ranks – Web2.0Mail (Currently ‘Fremans Web 2.0 Mail Client – beta’)

To add later- DVDEmbargo (The list of DVD’s not fit to buy – not the movies, but the DVD’s they come on.)

And maybe more….

P.S. I’ve turned on RSS and ATOM 1.0 feeds.


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