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Linux Upgrades · Feb 16, 02:17 by Shannon Wynter

G’day fellow human beings.

Sorry about the outage that’s plagued my site for the past several hours, an upgrade went haywire. Seems someone in the Gentoo community or the up-stream decided it was a good idea to change the way apache installed and how it’s config files were layed out.

Several complete rebuilds of apache (and php – which takes HOURS) later and after completely trashing all my configuration files and completely re-configuring the sites on the server.


  • If they’re going to completely re-organize the layout of the configuration files, they should document it.
  • If they’re going to make the install modular, they should do it properly so you can install the extra modules you need without having to re-compile the entirety of apache.

Anyway, it’s all upgraded now so we’ll see how it goes.


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