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Fremnet is now IPv6 enabled. · May 28, 14:42 by Shannon Wynter

Good news!

After much messing around with my router/ap project I’ve got my IPv6 back up and running.

In truth Fremnet, and my home network have always been IPv6 enabled in one form or another, but I never wanted to advertise because my setup wasn’t as stable as I would have liked. Well being unemployed has given me time to sit down and fix the problems so I have.

Some of my IPv4 sites have been removed recently because it wasn’t viable to keep running separate PPPoE sessions for them to get the extra IPs. All these sites/hosts have returned under IPv6 (Sorry, if you’re an IPv4 only host you will probably not be able to access them)

You can tell that you’re IPv6 or IPv4 enabled by looking at the header of this page.

– Means you have made it here over IPv6
– Means you have made it here over IPv4

If you hover your mouse over the image in the header it’ll tell you your address.

Edit: And as an added bonus I fixed the NTP on this server so the time should be right.


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