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The Do Not Trust list · Feb 3, 12:57 by Shannon Wynter

Below is a list of companies/websites that can not be trusted with your E-Mail address. This list has been built from my own experience and the experiences of trusted friends.

When I say ‘do not trust these sites/companies’ it is because the email address you give them eventually makes it’s way to spammers.

Note that I’m not directly linking these sites, you’ll have to copy and paste. Also note that I’m not including mailing lists.

SiteCompanyFirst seen spam
sxc.huStock.Xchng – Stock photosMar 17 2009, 23:44:53
www.securstar.comSecurstar – Encryption software solutionsFeb 2 01:28:21
www.cuteftp.comGlobalScape – CuteFTPLong time ago
www.adultmatchmaker.com.auAdult Match Maker’s Online Adult DatingJan 11 08:24:03

(There’s probably more but I cbf going that far back through my logs)

If you have any of your own, and don’t mind proving it (Just mail headers or a log snippig will do) Feel free to use this form to email them to me and I’ll add them to the list.


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