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Little Updates · Jul 6, 09:07 by Shannon Wynter

Greetings folks.

Thought I’d give you a run down on recent updates and what I’ve been doing.

I’m working on a new webmail project – I know “another webmail” – but I’m aiming to create something I want to use. This is essentially Thunderbird.
Thanks to the magic of AJAX and similar techniques I’m well on my way.
I have it displaying mail, and replying mail.
Left to complete are attachments, forwarding mail, automatically checking for new mail, address book, connecting to multiple servers… oh!!! and some built in authentication and security rather then just using a fixed apache password.

Here’s a couple of screenshots:

One of the latest screenshotsEarly screenshot of viewing new tabsComposing a new email

I’ve gone around and added a ‘digg this’ link to all of the articles – so if you spot something you really like, please feel free to digg it.

A little rumored project by the name of DVDEmbargo is about to get a restart with the 1.0.0 release of ZendFramework

I may be starting another project soon which might be interesting, and I may even be looking for collaboration and assistance on it. More on this one later as I’m still working out the details


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