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Bitvise Tunnelier · Jul 9, 17:59 by Shannon Wynter

I’d like to take some time to introduce you to a cool free tool I found – Bitvise Tunnelier

Having just got my netbook setup and running (MSI Wind U100+ BTW), I wanted to provide a slightly more secure setup then just using my 3G provider – easiest way is a ssh tunnel to home with port forwarding

If I was running Linux on my netbook, it’d be easy – just background a ssh process. Windows makes it a little more difficult, so after a little Googling, I tried a couple of other things – but have pretty much fallen in love with this tool.

Once you configure your host and load your ssh key, it pretty much maintains the connection by it’s self sitting in the tray.

It’s list of features include connecting and maintaining a ssh tunnel, maintaining port forwards (both as a pair of static lists, and dynamic socks5 forwarding), persistent sftp graphical interface, and terminal emulator

I do have a few items on my wishlist tho.

  • I’d love to be able to store the password for a throw away ssh key (like you can on linux where you can configure some keychain managers to decrypt the key on login)
  • I’d love it to be a service that starts at boot/login so that I don’t need to manually do it

With regards to the second item on that list, there’s probably some commandline parameters I havn’t found yet (not that I’ve been looking)

If you’re looking for the ability to automatically maintain a ssh tunnel in windows, this is probably going to be #1 on my list for a long time.


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