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Train travel · Oct 15, 12:52 by Shannon Wynter


For those who don’t know (most of you, I’d imagine), I now work in Brisbane. Which appears to be a variable length train ride away from home.

So here’s a list of trains that travel the same route at roughly the required time that warp time and space to arrive at different times…

CADX - Departs: 6:40 am - Arrives: 7:37 am - Transit: 57 mins
CAIP - Departs: 6:24 am - Arrives: 7:25 am - Transit: 61 mins
NARE - Departs: 6:21 am - Arrives: 7:08 am - Transit: 47 mins
CABN - Departs: 5:40 am - Arrives: 6:40 am - Transit: 60 mins

The CADX is an express, meaning it stops at less stations, it also gets me to work later then I intend to be there (7:30 am).

The CAIP is for sure a non-express, It gets me to work at exactly the right time – but I’ll be buggered if I’m going to sit on a damn train for 61 minutes every day.

The NARE appears to be an express (Normally indicated with a X not an E), but means I get to wander around Brisbane for 10 minutes before heading into the office – I suspect it stops only at CAB before heading into Central on it’s way down from Nambour

The CABN is just to damn early, don’t even think about it – it’s just here for comparison.


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