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Shout out to Sabayon · Jul 26, 23:49 by Shannon Wynter

While stumbling around the web the other night (actually reading some less then impressive blogging about Gentoo) I stumbled apon the Sabayon Linux Project – Surprised I hadn’t heard about it before.

I must admit, my first instinct was to close the tab and go “meh, another linux distro” – but being that it’s a dark coloured website, and well I like dark and mysterious places, I decided to stick around and explore.

This is what I found out

  • It’s actually based on Gentoo
  • Nothing that Gentoo users are used to (IE: emerge, portage) is missing or has been removed
  • It is essentially a ready to go Gentoo system sans the 7-70 hours of install time

In fact, it appears Gentoo what Kubuntu is to Debian (only better because it doesn’t appear to require it’s own repository)

So I download the DVD image, burn it, and pop it in my dual core – I have to say one thing: I was impressed – that doesn’t happen often, in fact I think it’s the first time an operating system has impressed me.

Now, you might have noticed that I’ve used a lot of appears above, well that’s because I haven’t done a whole heap of investigating yet. From first looks tho, it looks good.

Out of the box the system booted, loaded my nvidia drivers, presented me with a selection of accelerator options (just like the box promised) – then it logged me into X and bang, the live DVD was running.

All the eye candy was there, office tools, and the usual suspects – I was very happy to see some decent games installed also.

I can’t say go ahead and install this distro yet (still looking at it), but I can tell you that it’s worth investigating. I plan on taking it to work see if we can’t get it installed as a demo in the shop.

I also intend to check out the Business Edition version, there’s not much mention of it that I can find simply browsing around the site.

I’ll let you know how I travel with it. It could be a while before it sees full time installation, I’m just to busy at the moment to do much, and I don’t have any blank hdd to back up anything to (c:


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