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Interesting figures · Sep 19, 16:23 by Shannon Wynter

Statistics are amazing aren’t they?

In the time since my post about my DVD reading problems with xine Trouble with DVDs my AWStats show me that my general visitor count is dropping. What’s more interesting is that my Google search engine results show that I’m getting half my hits now for people searching for DVD ripping.

I suppose it was to be expected, the most searched terms on the net are all about porn, warez (be it software piracy, audio piracy (mp3’s), or video piracy).

Sure, we could argue the use of legitimate backups and that, I’m not going to. For the record, I ripped and encoded my entire series of Stargate SG1 (Which I bought and paid for people!!!) and put it on my MythTV backend;

BTW. Stargate SG1 Season 8 Boxed set has advertising on the start of the DVD. HOW ANNOYING!

Oops, I’ve gone off a tangent and gotten side tracked.

I find it more interesting that problems with DVDs and Encryption result in a valid indexing by Google, where as “ssh brute force” or “ssh firewall” (even if you add “fremnet” to the search) won’t find you my AutoSSH Firewall Patch which has been around for months. Admittedly, the patch alone isn’t very exciting but I’ve been working on adding a set of perl scripts to that.


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