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An interesting couple of months. · May 27, 16:51 by Shannon Wynter

Greetings followers (and lost browsers).

Well, I’ve had an interesting couple of months.

In summary:

Companies go broke, companies get bought, employees get shafted, ex-employees exploit new skills and knowledge.

Now in more detail:

First the company I worked for went to the wall and went into Administration. The timing of this was frustrating because it really ruined a holiday I’d been planning for over a year. Time I wanted to spend with a very dear friend from very far away who’s company I’m still missing. We still managed a pretty decent time with annoying calls from work almost every morning and sometimes throughout the day. I’m still waiting for someone to credit me for internet access to log in and repair the network from the Gold Coast (A little hard to visit Sea World, and ‘save the world’ at the same time).

Not long after this the company was purchased by another company . They kept me on for a few weeks, sapping knowledge from me – making sure they could run the network by themselves then they dumped me last Monday (21st May) – Even Centerlink didn’t take the termination letter seriously.

Friday I was dragged off to Beerwah by my good friends Alan and Terri at the motor lodge who got me very, very drunk (I don’t remember anything past about 9:30pm) – apparently great fun was had by one and all.

Before leaving on Saturday I set them up with a wireless hotspot, nice little self contained unit that accepts credit cards and Paypal payments (Sure, they bought all the parts, but I made it work grin).
With any luck I’ll be building and installing quite a few of these soon.

Which leaves me with today – bored out of my skull (c;

So ends another update – catch ya’s round.


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