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Node Usage 4 · Aug 29, 23:58 by Shannon Wynter

Greetings once again folks.

It appears to be that time again, Internode have released a new customer tools API – which means at some time in the future the old one will be discontinued.

As a result, I’ve updated (re-written) Node Usage – which is now on it’s 4th version.

New Features

  • Much more powerful templating system
  • Automatic update

It is a little slower now as it has to perform 3 requests, I’m afraid that can’t be avoided.


You only have one option this time – the script is twice as long as the last version so I’m not going to post it here.

First, be sure to unload your existing NodeUsage before you load this one – in the menu bar of mIRC, click on the Commands menu, go down to NodeUsage 3, click Unload

Download the current version of the script from here and save it into your mIRC directory (newer versions have a scripts directory under the mIRC one, you should place it there)

Once you have saved it, pop into mIRC and run /load -rs NodeUsage.mrc (or for newer versions /load -rs scripts\NodeUsage.mrc)

There will be updates in the coming days and weeks to bring it up to full compliance with the specifications and add help for the templating, the script will prompt you to update if there are updates, you can also check manually using /nodeusage.checkupdate


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