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More on twitter · May 13, 20:32 by Shannon Wynter

So… I’m still getting into this twitter thing – I never was much of one to be up on anything trendy – by the time I’m into it and up to speed I’m sure the trend will be over and I’ll still be wondering what the fuss was about.

I pretty much only use it for bitching about Queensland [RF]ail and random comments I feel like making when I have no-one to make them to.

Well, further to getting used to twitter, I’ve now integrated it with this site (hopefully) so that when I make posts here, it spams my twitter over there, hopefully helping more people find things they want (if I happen to make something they want).

And to further the whole me getting into blogging – perhaps I should make a new category on this site and call it “Blog” – not that I’m sure I’d do more blogging for it – but it’d prevent blog like posts ending up in the News category :)


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