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One of those diangostic things. · May 13, 21:06 by Shannon Wynter

You know I have my USB DVD reader connected by a really long (high quality, but still pushing the standards) USB cable – so what do you think I do when the player starts crashing?

Blame the USB, but I was wrong, very wrong :)

Turns out that the power brick for the unit had died and the poor thing was trying to suck enough over the long cable to sustain it’s self.

Apparently it could draw enough to load and unload, and even play the disks, but the extra load was causing interference in the data lines of the USB cable.

A little hunting around, I found another 5v power brick, the plug on the original is tiny, and the new one huge… nothing a little snip snip and solder couldn’t fix :)

So yes, don’t always blame the obvious.


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