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Web2.0Mail Status · Aug 15, 16:44 by Shannon Wynter

This is where you’ll see the status of my Webmail project at a glance.

Good status so far

  • Composing and sending a new email is working and complete(ish)
  • Replying to an email is working and complete(ish)
  • Selecting multiple emails, and deleting (moving them to trash) them is complete
  • Selecting multiple emails, and moving them between folders is complete (2007-08-15)
  • Folder navigation is complete
  • As you’ve seen from the screenshots – layout is complete(ish)
  • Sending attachments is complete(ish?) – see next comment (2007-08-16).
  • Downloading attachments is complete(ish?) – perhaps give the ability to view images without downloading?
  • The basic security of not showing remote content is implemented, but I want to tune this as I don’t like it (c:
  • Spamcop integration – Can now directly submit mail to spamcop (2007-09-20)

Bad status so far

  • Forwards are broken
  • No authentication (relying on apache at the moment)
  • No support for multiple users
  • No support for address book
  • No support for multiple servers
  • No support for sender profiles
  • No automatic checking of mail, you must manually click on the inbox for now.
  • I’m sure I’ll think of more.


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