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Web2.0Mail Beginnings · Aug 7, 12:54 by Shannon Wynter

You might have noticed in the news that I’ve been working on my own webmail client.

You might be asking me (and yourself) why I’m doing this.

Well simply put, I’ve never been satisfied with webmail offerings before. They’re either too basic, too extreme, or just plain broken – so, I’ve gone off and started my own.

I’m borrowing the layout from Thunderbird’s default layout. I have plans to include auto-learning address books, multiple sender profiles, and multiple server profiles. I’m also contemplating including some form of GNUPGP functions – altho the logistics of this are some way off.

Seeing as you’ve come in to this story late, lets give you a quick rundown

Good status so far

  • Composing and sending a new email is working and complete(ish)
  • Replying to an email is working and complete(ish)
  • Selecting multiple emails, and deleting (moving them to trash) them is complete
  • Folder navigation is complete
  • As you’ve seen from the screenshots – layout is complete(ish)
  • Sending attachments is complete(ish) – still need to clean up after canceled emails, also need to finish functions that allow you to remove/re-download attachments before sending.
  • Downloading attachments is complete(ish?) – perhaps give the ability to view images without downloading?
  • The basic security of not showing remote content is implemented, but I want to tune this as I don’t like it (c:

Bad status so far

  • Forwards are broken
  • No authentication (relying on apache at the moment)
  • No support for multiple users
  • No support for address book
  • No support for multiple servers
  • No support for sender profiles
  • No automatic checking of mail, you must manually click on the inbox for now.
  • I’m sure I’ll think of more.

Come back in a little while – I’ll have some code for you to download and use. It’s not pretty, it’s not well documented, but that’s how I work – I clean up later.

Also, maybe someone wants to help with the javascript stuff cos it’s an absolute mess (c:


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