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Gmail plugin · Mar 13, 23:29 by Shannon Wynter

Well I know that Gmail has it’s own tray application, but that consumes more memory and more resources, and frankly – I don’t care enough to run it. This is an alternative for people who have mIRC open all day every day.

The other + it has over the Gmail tray app is that when you click on the Gmail tray app, it takes you to your Gmail Inbox, which is unacceptable for use in a shared environment.

This does not.

Never fear about giving this little dll your passwords, it encrypts them and feeds them right back to you – the only reason it is a dll and not plain script is you need https.

Step 1 -=- Install the script
You can grab the script from HERE, extract it to your mIRC dir and type /load -rs gmail.mrc

Step 2 -=- Configuring
You may or may not be prompted for confirmation that you want to run the start up commands, but if you are then the answer is YES. If you answer no here, do NOT email me and complain it doesn’t work.

Enter your username and password so it can be stored, and put a tick in the “Use Timer” box.

Set your timer interval to the desired amount of time between checks (Gmail suggest 10 minutes – but I don’t get enough mail for that)

When new mail is availible, it will open a new minimized window in mIRC and display summary information about all the new mail in there.


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