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My RPGmod wheel binds · Jul 20, 21:49 by Shannon Wynter

G’day folks.

I’ve had a couple of people ask me how I can switch binds so quickly for the RPG CS:S mod.

It’s simple. I bind mouse4 for one setup, and mouse5 for another

Simply load the blow script into your CS:S if you have a MX500 (may require some mods for other mice).

  1. alias cngaon "slot2; changeattack; changeattack2; eaon"  
  2. alias cngjon "changejump; changejump2; ejon"  
  3. alias changeattack "bind mwheelup +attack"  
  4. alias changeattack2 "bind mwheeldown +attack"  
  5. alias changejump "bind mwheelup +jump"  
  6. alias changejump2 "bind mwheeldown +jump"  
  7. alias eaon "echo Mouse Wheel Up/Down Changed to Attack"  
  8. alias ejon "echo Mouse Wheel Up/Down Changed to Jump"  
  10. bind mouse4 cngaon  
  11. bind mouse5 cngjon
  12. Download this code: wheelbinds.cfg (Downloaded 140 time(s))

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